Kardex Handling Solutions

Horizontal Carousel


The Horizontal Carousel is designed for fast, reliable and efficient high-speed picking in production or distribution. It increases productivity and throughput by allowing one operator to pick up to 600 lines per hour. The carousels are usually arranged in pods (or stations) with many configurations possible. The Horizontal Carousel is ideal for storing and retrieving small and medium sized items as well as the capability of storing items with a maximum payload of 55 tons.

How it works

Hanging shelves travel around a carousel via the shortest path to automatically deliver stored items to an operator at the access opening. Equipped with photocells, the Horizontal Carousel automatically stops rotating for maximum safety when an operator steps onto a doormat or a product is incorrectly positioned. It also securely stores goods and protects from unauthorized access by a lockable door. This security can be further increased with Power Pick® Global inventory management software providing password protection and transaction tracking for single or multiple items.


  • Improves picking performance and accuracy
  • Minimizes wait times
  • Saves floor space by up to 75%
  • Eliminates unproductive travel and search time