Kardex Handling Solutions

LR35®Vertical Buffer Module


The Kardex Remstar LR 35 is an effective and efficient solution for storing and retrieving items in a tote based system. The system significantly improves productivity, security, traceability, and storage density.

How it works

The modular LR35 VBM has vertically and horizontally arranged locations on the left and right hand sides of the unit. Using Kardex Remstar's Logicontrol technology, the LR35 automatically finds the ideal storage location within the system. At the push of a button or scan of a barcode, an high speed extractor device in the center of the unit automatically delivers the requested tote with stored items to the access opening. The modular design of the LR35 provides a scalable system to fit your needs.


  • Gains in order picking performance
  • Increases productivity with goods-to-person concept
  • Enhances security and safety with controlled access to specific totes
  • Space savings
  • Improves pick accuracy
  • Eliminates operator bending, reaching and climbing for better ergonomics
  • Energy efficiency