Kardex Handling Solutions

Storage Solutions

Space-saving and reliable storage and retrieval solutions are essential to efficient workflows and productivity. At Kardex Handling Solutions, we provide vertical lift, vertical carousel and horizontal carousel systems that work on the 'goods-to-person' principle to significantly reduce wait and walk times. Whether operated automatically or by hand, our solutions can reduce man hours and the costs of storing any kind of physical item in any type of industry.

Applications / Goods for Storage Solutions

  • Cross Industry Solutions (small parts storage, fire protection)
  • Automotive (buffering, tooling)
  • Electronics (SMD storage, wafer and board storage, cable and wire storage)
  • Chemicals / Pharmaceuticals (climate control, sample conditioning, bulk storage, explosion security)
  • Machinery (tooling, buffering, raw material, semi-finished products)
  • Maintenance (spare parts, tools)
  • Hospitals (climate control, supplies, medical devices)

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